Blogger Boot Camp

Blogger Boot Camp

Blogging is quite different from article-writing. Bloggers who are successful can balance several roles: Their writing is often appealing, informative, educational, funny, and helpful all at the same time. Here are some of our best blog-writing tips for creating a successful blog for a client:

Find the Right Tone

If you’ve been selected to write for a blog with Online Writing Jobs, that means that you probably have unique insight on the audience of that particular client’s industry. While most blogs are written in the first person and use a conversational tone, the blog’s formality is dictated entirely by that unique audience. A successful blog will be able to start a conversation with that group. It’s as though you’re talking directly to someone, whether that person is a high-level business executive or a niche hobbyist.

Introduce Visuals

Blogs should be easy to read. You can break up a long post with formatting. Shorter paragraphs, bold subheadings, and lists tend to do the trick. Most of our blog posts also require photos. All multimedia should be free of copyright restrictions; see our tips for finding a usable photo.

Use Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

When you’re required to use a keyword, many of the same rules apply when writing for a blog as when you’re writing for SEO. Blog tips sometimes gloss over this, but many of the industry’s best bloggers utilize keywords. Try to use important phrases two or three times throughout the content.

Don’t Get Sloppy

Spelling, grammar, and punctuation still count, even when you’re writing a blog. Writing tips from OWJ can help you stay sharp. Sometimes, with the switch in tone, some writers tend to change or adapt their voice or style. That’s perfectly fine; an occasional sentence fragment used for dramatic effect can be fun. However, don’t go overboard. There is such a thing as too colloquial.

Be Aware of the Terrible TL;DR

That teal deer is a beast. Most people don’t have all day to read your stuff. Say something fun and/or useful and get out of there. Longer does not equal better.

Invite Conversation

Many blog writers tend to finish their post by somehow engaging the audience. This is a pretty good idea because it gives the reader an opportunity to interact.

Hopefully, these blogging tips can help you become a successful blogger in the future!